Smart self-powered products and solutions
Science behind Simplicity

Science behind Simplicity

At Rotato, we have developed completely new products using the latest technologies in chips, sensors, power electronics, generators and other electric devices that bring usable, necessary and easy-to-operate products to end customers.

Besides the development of useful, inexpensive and high quality products our vision is to bring new game-changing platforms to the market.

Platform 1:

Our product group 1 offers a next generation product on the bicycle market named “Smart self-powered Bluetooth bottom bracket power meter with triple alarm” that transfers any bicycle into a smart bicycle. Besides many new features for cyclists and active people, this technology offers game-changing features for bicycle sharing companies and delivery bicycles.

Platform 2:

Our product group 2 offers a new technology that transforms energy created through exercise into electrical energy. These products will produce electrical energy and forward it directly into the grid or charge smart home batteries (like Tesla Power Wall). Unique knowledge and experience of the team enables development and deployment of these products.

Platform 3:

Our product developed from the ground measures and stores real pedal resistance of the bicycle path, enables reproduction of the same bicycle path on any compatible stationary bicycle. This platform enables worldwide exchange of the bicycle paths, training programs and injury healing programs.