Smart self-powered products and solutions
Science behind Simplicity

The bikeBRAINO is a smart, self-powered, Bluetooth connected, bottom bracket power meter with unique triple alarm. The bikeBRAINO converts any bicycle into a smart bicycle, enables any cyclist to measure his full power performances of both legs and enables unique muscle analysis. Integrated inside bike-sharing bicycles, bikeBraino detects any unappropriated action on the bicycle, protects the bicycle, extends the (bike-share) market and enables private renting bicycle services (“Airbnb for bicycles”). This patented device enables bicycle path transfer between normal bicycles and stationary bicycles with the equivalent pedal resistance and uses a smart phone as a bicycle computer. Unique technology developed from the ground that uses the latest low energy hi-tech sensors and chips enables B2B models of direct technology transfer to bicycle and special bicycle producers to make their products smart.

The bicycle-sharing market is exponentially growing with billions of USD invested. Up to now, all bike-sharing companies have the same security problems that could be solved by our bikeBRAINO device. Besides protection, warning, and intelligent recording functions, the bikeBRAINO extends the bicycle sharing market to fitness- and active people. Furthermore, it enables private bike-sharing services.