Smart self-powered products and solutions
Science behind Simplicity

The GreenGO is a stationary bicycle that transforms human energy into electricity during working out. The GreenGo has two output-based technologies: A feed-in system that sends energy into the home network or a battery charging system that charges smart home batteries (for example tesla power wall). Unique technology developed from the ground that uses the latest torque-less axial flux permanent magnet generators and new inverter technology enables B2C direct-customers’ business models and unique B2B business models. Active people, environmental friendly people, hotels, gyms, off-grid objects and energy saving companies, they are all customers for this unique product.

The GreenGO  is a unique technology developed by engineers who have more than 13 years of unique worldwide experience in the development of low rotating power producing machines and products. The patented pedal resistance system, unique experience of the engineering team and successfully tested prototypes are the best guarantee for success of this product.